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Vauth-Sagel is going full steam ahead into the USA!

Erkeln, 22 June 2022 – Vauth-Sagel relies on North America. There, the company is to be represented at the largest trade fair for woodworking technology and design again this year. The International Woodworking Fair® (IWF) is taking place from 23 – 26 August 2022 in the World Congress Center Atlanta, Georgia. The USA is considered to be one of the most important strategic focus markets. Particular attention is paid to products that meet the specific American requirements and take account of the desire for European design combined with US tradition.

At every trade fair, Vauth-Sagel focuses on product innovations across all living spaces – at the IWF, the focus is on Us-specific solutions in the kitchen area. The Vauth-Sagel designers and product developers have concentrated on the American requirements and needs. The desire, confirmed by recent studies, for European design, a classic look combined with German engineering, is satisfied by this completely new approach on the part of Vauth-Sagel.
“We have never before in the history of our company had such a presentation on North American soil,” says CEO Claus Sagel. “We are all greatly looking forward to presenting our innovations designed specifically for the US market. We are anticipating a high level of acceptance from the trade audience and great success for our “Made in Germany and the USA!” strategy,” continues Sagel.

“Platinum” and “Wood” – new benchmarks specifically for the USA
The company is going to surprise the visitors to the IWF with a series of real highlights for the American market. On the basis of the three design lines “Saphir”, “Scalea” and “Planero”, two innovations in particular are to be presented: the new colour variant “Platinum” is a powder-coated surface that is reminiscent of chrome in terms of its degree of gloss, but is a resource-saving alternative to chrome-plating due to the sustainable technology, as it completely dispenses with the use of solvents. At the IWF, Platinum will be presented for the first time and launched onto the American market.
The first releases from the new design line “Wood” are also to be presented. It is a homage to the traditional American kitchen interior with a continuous wood look, in which the technology takes a back seat visually. The maple and birch plywoods usedare given an optical finish in a warm bronze colour. This underlines the new Vauth-Sagel USA strategy. After the IWF, the company is planning to expand its portfolio.

Additional highlights – VS TOP® Down and VS WASH
Vauth-Sagel is also going to enhance its presentation with two additional highlights:
VS TOP® Down helps people to reach the contents of a wall cupboard effortlessly without having to stand on tiptoe. The unique drop-down fitting sets standards for ergonomic storage space optimisation in the wall cupboard. VS TOP® Down is easy to retrofit and is suitable for wall cupboards with hinged doors as those well as with fold-in fittings. In daily use, the shelf can be optimised at any time: the manual spring force adjustment ensures a consistently damped lowering movement. VS TOP® Down thus enriches functionality in the kitchen and contributes towards an optimisation of the urban living space.

VS WASH is the clean solution for dirty laundry. Because with this laundry system, laundry can be sorted neatly, stowed away and transported – completely invisibly. The new laundry bins - in a unique variety of types - have openings to ensure optimum air circulation. The perforations are also rounded to the inside of the containers - this makes a unique contribution towards protecting the laundry. Thanks to the carrying handle, getting to the washing machine is also easier than ever – even with both laundry bins at once. The hidden drop integrates perfectly into any living space. In terms of its technology and appearance, VS WASH is based on the tried-and-tested waste separation systems of the VS ENVI category.

Services specifically for America
Another innovation is the sophisticated area relating to all the services for the dealers, processors and partners in the USA. For example, digital tools have been developed for every product, which make it much easier to handle the Vauth-Sagel developments, from the inspiration and the planning aids to the packaging and performance. This new quality and service approach is also to be an example for other markets in the world in the future. A highly effective sales partner is also available in the USA in the form of the company Würth.

To sum up: all the Vauth-Sagel innovations combine the clearly defined requirement for modularisation and consistent collection development for the American market.

Contemporary and innovative storage solutions. This is the essence of what Vauth-Sagel has stood for for almost 60 years. The owner-managed family company focuses on people's desire for the highest-possible level of comfort in all of its system components. The competence areas of development, production and sales are geared towards this - day after day. The core competencies in the kitchen and furniture industry have long since been transferred to modern living components. And that motivates the more than 1,000 employees to produce more than 85 million products with the quality mark "Made in Germany" every year. In addition to many years of cross-material expertise, there are other features that ensure that Vauth-Sagel's global customers are that decisive step ahead: "Creating high-quality system solutions for living spaces. And doing that for everyone" - this promise is based on forward-looking impulses in product design and equipment. That is what Vauth-Sagel is all about.

Angelika Weidling

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