Anyone who develops system solution for living spaces
must also observe how living spaces develop.



Solutions for living environments

Many people wish for more individuality. We'll give it to you.

In addition to the traditional living environments of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, the transitions between living spaces are becoming more fluid: a kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking, but the centre of people’s social life. The “front parlour” for Sundays has had its day – living rooms are now there for living in around the clock. Altered living spaces mean space for change – this is why, in our product development, we at Vauth-Sagel no longer think only in terms of kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but in terms of living spaces.


A good kitchen is a good part of a good life.
The kitchen is the centre of household life, in all continents on earth. Priorities differ depending on the cultural area, with design customized according to the tastes and way of life of the residents – but it's always the place where people come together. Where people not only cook and eat together, but also talk, laugh and communicate with each other. A kitchen that is perfectly tailored to the desires and needs of its users, that optimally utilizes all spaces and that combines material quality, convenience, functionality and aesthetics is the ideal to which we have been committed to for more than 50 years.


For some, it is only a bathroom, for others a private spa.
Either way – an attractive bathroom involves more than just its appearance: comfort and functionality make a major contribution to a sense of well-being. A customized interior ensures that you can enjoy relaxation, as you deserve it: tailored individually to your individual requirements.

Living room

The living room is the community room.
We cheer together during a great game, we have discussions with one another when something is going wrong, and we spend wonderful hours together when everything is just right! The application and combination possibilities of our system solutions for living spaces are just as varied as our living situations and life plans. Storage systems and system components from Vauth-Sagel make the living room into a place that people are happy to share with their family and friends.


You sleep for a third of your life.
But the time that you spend in the bedroom is much longer than this: it can take a while to fit the right outfit to put on or the right bedtime reading to help you to get to sleep. Regardless of what else happens in the bedroom – there is only one standard for our tailored system components: perfection in the detail.

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