Creating high-quality system solutions for livinge spaces.
For all people.



Company Vauth-Sagel

We develop, manufacture and sell individual solutions or modular system solutions which make people’s everyday lives easier: innovations which people like looking at and touching – storage solutions which make living spaces more comfortable. 

With this promise, we accommodate our customers around the world with forward-looking ideas for the design and features of their products. With all our products, we do not only guarantee the best quality and practicability at all times. We are also always a decisive step ahead of the market developments. For we understand today what our customers will need tomorrow.

Behind all our services, there is a highly motivated team of around 850 qualified specialists who are passing on their know-how to almost 80 apprentices in 16 occupations. With their cross-material expertise, we produce more than 85 million quality products “Made in Germany” every year.

And we remain hungry, are continuing to look for extraordinary ideas for the development of revolutionary innovations – in order to live our mission: 

We want people to rediscover highly COMFORTABLE living environments and therefore create SPACE. For EVERYONE, everywhere in the world!

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Is our way of life.
Ecology and sustainability are increasingly the foundation of our daily decisions. Together with our goal-oriented product development and a future-oriented corporate policy, conscientious behavior toward people and the environment is one of the pillars of our success. This not only includes a commitment to observing laws and regulations, but also the intention to examine every process, day by day, and to optimize them beyond these requirements. We are filled with pride to prove that an environmentally responsible implementation of processes is possible.


Vauth-Sagel has been developing and finishing its products at its manufacturing base in Germany for more than 50 years. Thanks to our expertise and attention to detail, we are able to create top-quality, innovative products, and have thus become an important partner in the national and international furniture industry.



People’s living spaces are changing. And our storage solutions are also evolving: since 1962, we have created innovations for all living spaces and have constantly conquered additional markets. Therefore, we are looking for employees and apprentices who will think ahead with us. Dedicated people who will contribute their talents to our team – and who will face our most important challenge together every day: creating new, revolutionary system solutions which provide our customers with direct added value.



Vauth-Sagel is one of the internationally leading companies when it comes to innovative storage systems for the kitchen and furniture industry. In order to also increase its international market share, the company is opening showrooms in key target markets.



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